The Kodiak

Rugged. Reliable. Versatile.

The KODIAK is the new standard in the turboprop platform and excels in applications that push the performance envelope. With rugged construction, short take-off and landing, turbine engine performance and reliability, floatplane capabilities, and a wide range of interior options, the KODIAK can be customized to work perfectly as a commercial workhorse or comfortable executive/passenger transport.

Kodiak Deployment

Initially designed and manufactured as a backcountry aircraft specifically suited to meet the demanding needs of mission and humanitarian aviation organizations, the KODIAK is providing unmatched capabilities. Due to the KODIAKs superior design it is being used around the globe for a wide variety of uses and markets including mission & humanitarian, personal/business, government, search & rescue, medevac, and guide services to name a few.

Planes in Operation

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Fairbanks, AK
Ketchikan, BC
Kabul, Afghanistan
Urumqi, China
Chengdu, China
Geneva, Switzerland
Turin, Italy
Tianjin, China
Osaka, Japan
Tarakan, Borneo
Merauka, Papua New Guinea
Nabire, Indonesia
Kandy, Sri Lanka
Kochi, India
Bangkok, Thailand
Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Male, Maldives
Nampula, Mozambique
Northern Botswana
Nelspruit, South Africa
Lubango, Angola
Mexico City
Panama City
San Jose, Costa Rica
Caracas, Venezuela
Cancun, Mexico
Middle of Ecuador

The Perfect Fit

At gross weight, the Quest KODIAK needs less than 1,000 feet of runway for takeoff and will climb at over 1,300 feet per minute. Its 750-horsepower engine, the proven Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34, gives the KODIAK ample power to operate with a safe rate of climb and high cruising speed. The mighty PT6 series turbine has been continuously improved since production began in 1963, and it is one of the most reliable aircraft engines in history.

Quest Aircraft

Options abound for KODIAK owners to customize their aircraft for specific uses. These include a belly cargo pod, TKS icing protection, skydiving package, weather radar, and VIP interior. There is also a growing number of supplemental type certificates available for the KODIAK, including single-point refueling, medivac kits, amphibious floats, and more. The KODIAK can be outfitted to successfully perform any backcountry mission—from high-performance executive transportation to heavy-lifting cargo hauler. Visit Quest Aircraft for more information.

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