The Mission

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of pilot training for the Quest KODIAK aircraft. We ensure pilots and operators are fully prepared to operate their aircraft effectively and safely in a wide variety of environments and situations throughout the world.

We train operators from all over the globe

"Parkwater has the most extensive flight training I have experienced. The classroom training, the cockpit simulator, and the comprehensive knowledge of the Parkwater staff has made me a better pilot. Their attention to detail and focus on airmanship has helped me fly safer and have a better understanding of the Kodiak’s capabilities."


The Parkwater staff are more than just pilots and maintenance technicians, we are passionate about education, safety and airmanship. With significant aircraft flight and maintenance backgrounds and thousands of hours of instructional experience, we are the leading knowledge experts on the KODIAK airframe. We focus on continuous improvement, operational safety, and crafting an experience that fits our customers’ needs.

Matt McBlair

Operations Manager, Instructor

Jamie Jordan

Administrative & Accounting Manager

Rod Colvin

Senior Instructor

Jon Weber

Customer Account Manager

Pauline Brothers

Chief of Maintenance, Instructor

Justin Shoffner


Andrew Chatman


Rachel Driver

Training Administrator

Tira Zhang

Associate Instructor